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Tent book Youth Centre Metsäkartano

Welcome to the Tentsile experience accommodation of the Vaarojen majat in Rautavaara, Youth Centre Metsäkartano

We wish you an enjoyable and safe stay at the Vaarojen majat and a good night's sleep in the middle of nature, close to the beautiful scenery of the National Park.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us.

We have put together some important guidelines for you here. We hope that these guidelines will help to enhance a positive accommodation experience for you and future guests.

In case of emergency

In case of emergency, please call 112.

We recommend that you download the Emergency Finland 112 app on your mobile phone.

The nearest address is:


Rescue coordinates:

P 63° 35,177' and I 28° 33,656'

If a storm warning has been issued for the area or a severe storm is expected, please leave the tents and go to the nearest service building. There is also a shelter in the Metsäkartano area. If a storm or thunderstorm makes it impossible to stay in a Tentsile tent, you can stay with us again during the same summer free of charge (see also the booking conditions).

If you have to dodge a storm, you can enquire about available accommodation at Metsäkartano during reception opening hours. We do not replace accommodation in other types of accommodation.

In the event of a storm, please make sure that all your belongings are safely inside the tent so that they do not blow away with the wind into the forest or lake.

Equipment for a comfortable stay

Make sure you have the following equipment with you:

  • a waterproof dry bag

  • waterproof sleeping bag (at least 3 seasons)

  • a sleeping bag sheet

  • pillow

  • (loose sleeping pad)

  • Tentsile tent platform (to be installed inside the tent)

  • first aid kit (inside the first aid kit you will also find a headlamp)

  • Tent book (includes pen and guest book)

Make sure that your equipment stays dry and carry it in the rainy weather only in the equipment bag provided.

Also, make sure you have your supplies with you:

  • warm clothing, e.g. a sweater and a sweater (also to wear inside a sleeping bag)

  • woollen socks

  • hat

  • gloves

  • personal toiletries

  • if you prepare your own food, make sure you have: a flower or similar drinking cup, a plate and a spoon. Food preparation equipment can be found in the campsite kitchen.

Drinkable water is available at the campsite water points.

Tentsile tent

The condition of the tent and its fixings are checked before each occupancy. If you suspect that the tent is not securely pitched, or if there are signs of damage to any part of the tent, please contact the reception at the Metsäkartano +358 40 839 6350.

Please do not touch the tent guy ropes on your own. Touching them may cause an accident.

The use of sprayable insecticides is prohibited inside the tent and in the immediate vicinity of the tent. The tent provides protection from insects.

The maximum capacity of the tent is 400 kg.

The tent is intended for a peaceful stay, the tent is not resistant to jumping.

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed inside the tent for both allergy and safety reasons.

Entrance to and access to the Tentsile tent
The entrance to the tent is through an opening at the bottom of the tent. The Tentsile is equipped with a rope ladder that allows you to climb inside the tent.

The hatches on the side of the tent are not intended for climbing and do not act as entrances.

Shoes are left under the tent or put in the main bags inside or outside the tent. Do not move around in shoes inside the tent.

Tent fabric
The tent has a rainproof tent cover which can be temporarily removed. Take care to store the tent fabric. Do not leave the tent fabric outside.

Especially in windy weather, make sure that loose tent fabric does not fly into the lake.

When putting back the rainproof fabric, be aware that the fabric is not symmetrical. Follow the shape of the tent frame and compare it to the fabric. If installed incorrectly, the fabric will not protect the tent properly.

Leaving your accommodation

Departure from the accommodation is no later than 12 noon.

Before your departure:

  • Put the tent fabric in place and close all zips.

  • Make sure no rubbish is left on the ground

  • Make sure you leave all rubbish in the bins at the end of the toilet and shower building.

  • Return any equipment you have borrowed to reception and let them know if it needs special maintenance or has broken down

  • Clean the floor of the tent with a small brush and a scrubbing brush which can be found in the tent

  • Remember to check that you have brought all your own belongings

  • Write in the tent book

  • Put the ladder inside the tent.

Thank you for taking care of your tent and supplies ♥️


Let's take care of ourselves, each other and nature.

We do not recommend the use of tobacco products during your stay. The toxins from smoking are harmful to nature and to the health of the people around us. Cigarette butts containing heavy metals and plastic should not be thrown into the environment. This will also protect the tent from damage.

We do not recommend the use of vaporising insecticides (trade names Ryobi & Termacell). These poisons contain an active substance that is very dangerous for aquatic organisms. We hope that the diverse aquatic life in Upper Keyritty Lake will be allowed to live in a non-toxic environment. Small actions make a difference. Please note that the use of these products is prohibited in the National Park. Please also tell your own hiking friends about this.

Sightseeing and excursions nearby

You can find camping information in the tent booklet. The reception of the Youth Centre Metsäkartano will guide you when it is open and you will find maps of the Lake Tiilikkajärvi National Park, for example. A comprehensive range of tourist information can be found on the website of the municipality of Rautavaara www.rautavaara.fi/matkailijoille and on the website of the Vaaroa huts www.vaarojenmajat.fi

Contact us

The reception of the Youth Centre Metsäkartano answers all enquiries about tents on +358 40 839 6350.

You can contact the Vaarojen majat by telephone between 9:00 and 20:00. If possible, we will call you back if we cannot answer immediately, or you can leave a text message and we will reply.

+358 40 09 33 508/Vaarojen majat

Your feedback means a lot to us

Your experience is important to us because we are just starting out. We want to know what we could do differently and what worked particularly well. Maybe you also have some good suggestions on how we could improve your accommodation experience.

You can share your experience on social media using the following tags #vaarojenmajat #metsäkartano #visitrautavaara #rautavaara #iisalmijatienoot #tentsile. We are also happy to share our guests' experiences on our own channels.

We hope you will write down your own news in the tent book.

We welcome all kinds of feedback and development ideas. Feedback messages can be sent via Whats App or SMS +358 40 09 33 508 or you can also post via Instagram and Facebook.

We hope you enjoy your stay and that we will see you again!