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Afternoon Rest in a Floating Tree Tent, Rautavaara
€39.90 / 3 h

Come and spend a summer day on the beautiful Kipari Sand Beach and try how to nap in tents floating in the trees. Climb into your tent and relax amidst the sounds of nature and benefit from the restorative effects of nature.

You can bring your own snacks, a book and a blanket. From the tent you can look out over the treetops or the lake back in front of you and listen to the sounds of summer.

After a rest, it's refreshing to take a dip in the lake!

Tree cover protects against bugs. In case of rain, a rain screen mounted on top of the tent protects against mosquitoes.

Rest time starts at 13:00, when you are welcome to the Tentsile area at Kiparinranta. Our guide will be there to greet you and show you to your tent. The daytime nap ends at 16:00.

The price of the daytime package is 39,90€. You can come alone for the same price or take 1-2 friends with you. Three (3) people can rest in a same tent.

Available in July only.