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Magical Finnish Summer Night in a Floating Tree Tent, 1-3 persons, Youth Centre Metsäkartano, Rautavaara
€100.00 / d

Täydennä elämystäsi kotimaisilla retkiruuilla ja ruuanvalmistustarvikkeilla

Climb up to the tree tent and relax and enjoy the quietude of nature.

In the tents hovering up in the trees, you can experience the revitalising force of nature and get to explore the characteristics of North Savonian landscape from a superb location.

Be enchanted by the tips of conifers and birches dancing in the wind, smell the fragrance of marsh tea, listen to the sounds of water birds, admire the glitter of the lake and the starry sky opening at nightfall. If you are really lucky, you may get to watch a show of northern lights. The sceneries and routes of the Tiilikkajärvi National Park open up at less than 300 metres from the Tentsile tents.

Thanks to the co-operation of Metsäkartano and the local Vaarojen Majat enterprise, you can stay the night in a Tentsile tree tent at Metsäkartano, adjacent to the Tiilikkajärvi National Park. There are two Tentsile-tents in all, and each of them accommodates one to three occupants, so there is accommodation available in a tree tent for up to six persons. They are located within sight from each other, but distant enough from each other that voices do not carry from one tent to the other.

The Tentsile tents has been attached between three trees, and it hovers about a metre above the ground. There is room for accessories under the tent, and the tent has mosquito protection. The outer cloth protects from water. It can be removed in good weather, to admire the scenery from the tent. The tent bears a load of 400 kg. The tent is not obstacle-clear.

You climb to the tent on a rope ladder or with the help of stools.

The price per day of the tree accommodation for 1-3 includes:

  • accommodation in a Tentsile insulating sleeping pad

  • first aid supplies

  • use of the services of the camping site of Youth Centre (fi Nuorisokeskus) Metsäkartano, i. e. toilet, showers and kitchen. It is possible to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner separately from the main house.

Accessories for extra charge

Sleeping bags, pillows, bedsheets and towels are available to occupants as accessories.

Check-in and arrival

Youth Centre Metsäkartano is located at the address Metsäkartanontie 700, Rautavaara. Those arriving for accommodation in the Tentsiles area of Youth Centre Metsäkartano receive guidance and accessories at the reception located in the main building. The reception is open daily till 20:00 (8 p.m.).

We recommend that guests arrive by 18:00 (6 p.m.) particularly in the autumn, in order to proceed to the tents in the in the thick of the forest safely and in sufficient natural light. A headlamp is recommended as a personal accessory for guests in late summer and the autumn.

The Tentsile tree tents are located on a gently sloping forested hillside, near the services of the camping site and Metsäkartano. The tents have beautiful views of Lake Ylä-Keyritty. In addition to hiking, Metsäkartano and the Tiilikkajärvi National Park offer plenty else to do in North Savonian hillscapes. You can rent equipment, for example, for bicycling, SUP boarding, paddling and disc golf (frisbee golf). There are also a beach, bookable saunas and a restaurant in the vicinity.

The services of the Metsäkartano camping site are available to Tentsile guests. The camping site has ample spaces for cooking, eating and washing.

Services at Metsäkartano

The tents are located near the camping site of Youth Centre Metsäkartano, so all the services of the camping site are available:

  • two service buildings with disabled toilet, toilet, showers and hot water cooking facility and dishwashing facilities

  • ecological point playground

  • beach

  • hiking and biking terrains nearby

  • possibility to fish on the lake

  • at the Metsäkartano main building:catering services: breakfast, lunch, dinner

  • sauna hours

  • recreational equipment on rent: canoe, rowboat, bicycle

  • board and outdoor games for loan

  • souvenir shop and cafeteria

    in other buildings:

  • washing machine and clothes service space at Justeeri (reservations and payment at the reception)